Crocheting Pathways

For a couple months, I’ve been focusing on crocheting table runners. I like to make them a lot because they really dress up tables and enhance the beauty of any object that you place on them. They also do a good job on covering small damages that furniture may have and protect them of new ones (ask my daughter who uses her runner to cover missing pieces of her coffee table lost during her move to Austin…).

Crochet and Fractals

The designs that I have picked for the table runners are very geometric, almost like fractals; a symmetric figure repeating harmoniously and infinitely! Well, my table runners do have an end, but if you look at them you can imagine they could continue without one.

Food Fractal – Original Source Avi_Abrams

Crochet Fractal – Original Source NancitaMade

When I work on them I focus so much that at the end my mind goes away and my hands stay knitting mechanically. Its like when you drive a car and realize you got somewhere but don’t remember how. Like driving, taking the wrong turn, or in this case stitching the wrong way, leads you to nowhere and then you have to drive all the way back. For me that means to undo and start back again. It’s frustrating, but like anyone that wants to get to the end, I feel encouraged and set my heart on doing it properly. The reward comes at the end when after many hours invested I finalize my little piece of art.

Crocheting in Colors

Back in my home country of Colombia, I always knitted using white threads because it is the tradition. Generally threads in other colors is uncommon. Now that I’m in Austin I’ve been inspired by the sunny summer days and have started exploring bright colors. In my multiple trips to the store I’ve found a great variety of color combinations that I’m using in my new creations, like the Four-Point Star Grid Table Runner in Purple, the Crochet table center piece and coasters in earthy colors, or the still work-in-progress Radiant Suns Table Runner in Yellow. Here are some process shots of this last one:

Visit the section of Table Runners on my store on Etsy and take a peek at all of my table runner designs! And like the song says in spanish: “Tejiendo caminos, yo voy tejiendo caminos…”


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