Four-Point Star Grid Table Runner in Purple

Four-Point Star Grid Table Runner in Purple

This table runner makes part of a series of crochet products I’ve been making in bright colors. For this one I used a purple cotton thread for the four-point stars that compose the grid. To add a hint of fun color, I added small circles in the middle and delicate flowers on the edge made with a multicolor thread.

This was a fun experiment that turned out beautiful. This table runner wants to be outside on your patio decorating a rustic table. Pair it with a set of bright color glassware and enjoy!

See it in my Etsy store along with additional photos: Four-Point Star Grid Table Runner in Purple.


White Crocheted Table Runner

Crocheted Table Runner

White crocheted table runner. Perfect for a decorative coffee table.

Just finished a new white crocheted table runner.  Fits a standard size coffee table or dining table very well.  You can check it out in my Etsy store.